V Belt Drive Blower

V Belt Drive Blower
V Belt Drive Blower

V-Belt Drive blowers offer the favorable position over Direct Drive blowers of having the ability to effortlessly change the measure of air utilized as a part of your framework using diverse sheave plans. The lodging and base element all-welded, substantial gage development with a hand-completed inside to anticipate material develop and defilement.
The blower lodging, impeller, and engine are all effectively replaceable if worn or harmed. On the off chance that your application includes passing on grating materials, consider our ST line of Blowers, which are intended to withstand wear.

Our V-Belt blowers feature the following options:

  • available in sizes from 3″ to 16″
  • easily adjusted to one of 16 discharge positions for versatility in placement
  • mild steel or stainless steel construction
  • TEFC dual wound motor standard (other voltages available)
  • flow control valves or gates mounted on the inlet for control
  • flanged inlets or outlets