Multiple Inlet Blower Fan

Multiple Inlet Blower FanMultiple Inlet Blower Fan
Multiple Inlet Blower Fan

Multiple-inlet centrifugal fan with air capacity up to 355 m3/h in plastic casing. Designed for synchronous air exhaust from up to five premises. Designed for exhaust ventilation systems for residential and small commercial premises.

Applications :

VK VMS 125 is a numerous delta fan intended for synchronous air debilitate from up to 5 premises. It is a flawless answer for washroom units, kitchens and other private and little business premises requiring debilitate ventilation because of expanded mugginess. The fan is furnished with four Ø 80 mm channel branch funnels and one Ø 125 mm consumption branch channel.

Plan :

The fan is furnished with a fantastic plastic packaging and a water/air proof terminal box. For simple association and operation the force line with a fitting can be given (VK VMS… R).

Engine :

The impeller with in reverse bended cutting edges is controlled by single-stage engine with outer rotor and overheating assurance with programmed restart. The engine is furnished with metal rollers for long administration life intended for no less than 40 000 hours.

Speed control :

Smooth or step speed control with a thyristor or autotransformer speed controller. A few fans might be associated with one pace controller gave that the aggregate power and working current don’t surpass the evaluated speed controller parameters.