Medium Pressure Blower Fans
Medium Pressure Blower Fans

We manufacture single inlet single width (SISW) Low & Medium Pressure Blower Fan. High efficiency (up to 82%) allowing to reach high savings in the consumption of electricity, Low noise. For a fan the source of noise is mainly the air turbulence created by the impeller. Medium Pressure Blower Fan series fan has been created to obtain the lowest noise thank to the aerodynamic profile of the inlet cone and of the static and dynamic balancing of the impeller. Suitable for the exhaust of clean or slightly dusty air for the various application of the ventilation, air-conditioning and processes industry.

  •  Volume: from 1000 m3/h up to 1,00,000 m3/h
  •  Pressure: from 20 mm wgp up to 400 mm wgp
  •  Temperature: up to 350º C
  •  Driven arrangement – Direct / V-belt / Coupling drive
  •  Construction : M.S / S. S./ Aluminum